About the Founder and 'Head Beer Dude'

For decades, I worked for Corporate America helping to rebuild our automotive industry.  Now, I have a new goal: to follow my passion and help grow the craft beverage industry!

Growing up in a blue-collar neighborhood on the outskirts of Toledo, Ohio, I would often read tales of Robin Hood and his men getting drunk on tankards of ale.  As I grew older, I would steal sips of beers from my dad, but the watery, fizzy liquid just didn’t taste like what I envisioned in English lore.

In the 80’s I earned tuition money as a welder in Denver, Colorado and had the opportunity to sample some real ale during the birth of the craft beer movement. From that point forward, I was hooked.  I started brewing beer and studied everything I could about beer and its history.

Several years after college, I transferred to England with my employer and continued to study/drink beer in England, Belgium and throughout Europe.  Since then, I’ve stayed on the fringe of the craft beer industry either as a consulting brewer for my brother’s brewery on Kelley’s Island, Ohio or by home brewing.  I then decided to move craft beer from the fringe of my life to the forefront.

I started Tennessee Craft Distributors not only because of my passion for craft beer but to ensure that small brewers of great beer will always have a distributor to help them grow.  This was also to help ensure that the American consumer had diverse choices when it comes to craft beer.

In the past year, I've expanded TCD to other types of craft and artisan beverages.  I am continually impressed by the artistry and imagination from the new generation of craft beverage entrepreneurs.   TCD wants to make sure their “liquid art” is stored cold (if required), and distributed fresh to the consumer, just as it is intended to be.

To all of you that will not blindly follow the masses, those who want diverse beverage choices, and who drink with enthusiasm - CHEERS!

Ed Muranyi, Certified Cicerone®

Owner / Head Beer Dude and Purveyor of Other Interesting and Tasty Beverages