Ripe Craft Bar Juice

RIPE Craft Bar Juice® is the nation's first cold-pressed, fresh juice bar mixer. 

We're redefining fresh juice cocktails one drink at a time.


Bar Juice

You only get out what you put in – so we start with nothing less than the best. No concentrate here! We source non-GMO fruits straight from farms we know. Our produce is picked at the peak of ripeness and then we lock in that freshness you can taste. So when you're a drinking RIPE Craft Juice™ or RIPE® Bar Juice®, it's liquid produce in your hand.

Cocktails, Mocktails and More!

This Bar Juice is great for your traditional Cocktails!  Ripe has also developed many flavorful mocktail recipes as well as uses in Cooking.  A versatile, multi-use staple for any Bar or Restaurant! 

Ripe Liquid Art Flavors

AGAVE Margarita (Lime Sour)

RIPE agave margarita (lime sour)

It's no secret that the simplest, freshest ingredients make the best tasting products. RIPE Agave Margarita (Lime Sour) is our ode to that concept; the product that started it all. It is the epitome of simplicity and the precise balance of acidity to sweetness.

ALSO KILLER AS: Any fresh lime sour juice substitution. Make fresh Gimlets, Tom Collins and Classic Daiquiris that are balanced, consistent and absolutely delicious. 

INGREDIENTS: RO filtered water, cold-pressed Persian lime juice, cold-pressed Valencia and/or Hamlin orange juice, 100% organic agave nectar.

RIPE Agave Mojito

RIPE Agave Mojito

Chuck the muddler! Just grab some club soda and fresh mint (but you don't need it) 'cause this is the freshest tasting mojito juice on the market, straight up! We use our own mint oil in a special 'lil extraction process and our own pure squeezed Persian lime juice for the ultimate fresh taste. 

As usual, we sweeten with 100% organic agave nectar. It is smoother than cane sugar with big mouth feel and no sugar crashes. It's not easy to make and distribute stuff this fresh tasting and cold, but when it comes to your cocktail pleasure, um... it's damn well worth it!

INGREDIENTS: pure RO filtered water, cold-pressed Persian lime juice, 100% organic agave nectar, 100% natural mint oil.

RIPE Cocktail Cranberry

RIPE Cocktail Cranberry

Like nothing out there, curiously fresh and cold-pressed by us in small runs, crisp Early Black, Howes and or Stevens varietals of fresh Ocean Spray® Cooperative grown Cranberries finished with just a touch of 100% organic cane sugar simple syrup.

INGREDIENTS: RO filtered water, cold-pressed cranberries, 100% organic cane sugar. 

RIPE San Marzano Bloody Mary

RIPE San Marzano Bloody Mary

Get ready for a Bloody Mary the likes of which you've never had before, and we mean it! The mixologists that make RIPE® know that a killer Bloody is as much about the tomatoes as it is the spices, so we decided to scour the globe in order to find the perfect tasting tomato with absolutely no additives.

ALSO KILLER AS: Anywhere tomato and spice are needed. Great to use for Bloody Marias, Spicy Bloody Mary Gazpacho, marinade for fish dishes...the options are endless.

INGREDIENTS: san marzano tomato passata, cold-pressed celery juice, cold-pressed lemon juice, aged balsamic vinegar, white vinegar, pure grated horseradish, RO filtered water, celery seed, ground peppercorns, grey celtic sea salt, cayenne pepper. 

RIPE Classic Lemon Sour

RIPE Classic Lemon Sour

It's time to ditch the soda gun and reach for the bottle (the Bar Juice® bottle that is.)  A tool of the professional bartender, sour mix serves as the basis for many of the world most famous cocktails. Once you add RIPE Classic Sour to your favorite premium spirit, your friends will think you've spent years perfecting your mixology skills. They might even tip you!

ALSO KILLER AS: Any fresh lemon juice substitution. Make fresh Tom Collins, smashes, and coolers that are balanced, consistent and absolutely delicious.

INGREDIENTS: RO filtered water, cold-pressed eureka lemon juice, 100% organic agave nectar.

RIPE Bajan Punch (Tiki Sour)

RIPE Bajan Punch (Tiki Sour)

Our founders were sick and tired of not being able to hook up with a legit rum punch. It's tough to even get at true punch in the Caribbean. We decided to make a statement in the fresh RIPE style. RIPE Agave Punch is our version of a Classic Caribbean style rum punch.

INGREDIENTS: RO filtered water, cold-pressed Persian lime juice, cold-pressed Valencia and/or Hamlin orange juice, cold-pressed pineapple juice, 100% organic agave, angostura bitters, fresh milled nutmeg.