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Consider a Low- or No- Alcohol Beverage Mocktail Menu

If you've not considered adding Low- or No-Alcohol beverages to your menu, please reconsider!  You are missing out on one of the biggest bar and restaurant trends of 2020.  Also, this is a great way to increase your bottom line.  Scroll down for more great information!

Reasons to Add Low or Zero-Proof Beverage Menus


1) There’s money in mocktails (vs. just water, soda or iced tea).


2)  By offering mocktails to expand your customer base.


3) Engage those who may ‘temporarily abstain’ or just don't drink.


More info to help with your Mocktail Program


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Calypso, Edmonds, WA

Calypso, Edmonds, WA

"We like having more options for our customers, not everyone wants a cocktail. We are much more inclusive because of our alcohol free offerings. It's fun to see our customers having fun - a fun drink with an umbrella - without the pressure of  having alcohol. The mocktails have definitely increased our NA sales and truthfully, a $3 Pepsi vs. a $7 NA Pina Colada? A no brainer."

The Woodblock, Redmond, WA

The Woodblock, Redmond, WA

"For us the decision to incorporate a zero proof menu was a no brainer based on the current climate in the restaurant industry. There are a million reasons why a guest might choose to abstain from drinking and we want to capitalize on those otherwise missed sales dollars. Non alcoholic beverage sales are the greatest undiscovered frontier for bars and restaurants. By incorporating and getting behind a program like this you can easily see how you can turn a $3 per person NA beverage average into an $8-$11 per person NA beverage average." 

Crabtree Kitchen, Poulsbo, WA

Crabtree Kitchen Poulsbo, WA

"Having a strong non-alcoholic drink program is something that has been important to me since we began imagining Crabtree Kitchen + Bar. When done properly, bars are a community gathering place; Whether meeting new friends or old, we often meet in a bar. We feel that it is important to have an inclusive, fun atmosphere for all. Not drinking alcohol shouldn’t be a hindrance to going to a bar and having a great time."