Drink Heroic Beer.

Flying Tiger Beer

Flying Tiger Brewery sets out to pay tribute, honor, and respect to  veterans and actives all over. Flying Tiger Brewery admires bravery and  dedication; inspired to be as courageous as they are to develop an  exceptional variety of unique, hand crafted beer styles. Flying Tiger  Brewery seeks out to honor the legendary fighter squadron, the Flying  Tigers and the craft beer movement by being independent, innovative, and  bold! Flying Tiger Brewery is beyond craft beer; it is truly our  identity now… rich in history, respect and tradition.


Flying Tger Burma Blonde

Blonde Lager


5.1% ABV | 19 IBUs
A classic blonde lager brewed with American grown two row and Vienna  barley. Glacier hops are added throughout the boil to create a crisp  citrus finish. Much like the classic pin up, this lager is balanced head  to toe and leaves nothing to be desired.


Flying Tiger Heroic Hops

India Pale Ale


5.8% ABV | 69 IBUs
Citrus, Sauvignon grape, and tropical notes fly forward as these hops  blend effortlessly with a strong base of two row and Munich malts. Let  there be no mistake, heroism is definitive…as is the beer you drink.


Flying Tiger Amber Ale

Amber Ale


5.3% ABV | 34 IBUs
Caramel and biscuit malts combine to produce a deceptively complex amber  ale with a smooth malty flavor and a crisp hop finish. Man at arms is a  beer set to defend any occasion.


Flying Tiger Resting Place

This beer is a juicy, hazy  departure from hops as you know them! Tons of late hop additions of  citra, centennial, and mosaic make this New England DIPA the best  version we’ve put out yet.


Flying Tiger Milk Stout

A creamy, nitro poured milk stout  brewed with tons of roasted, chocolate, and caramel malts. Traditional  English style hops add the just the right amount of bitterness.