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D9 Brewing Company, in Lake Norman, NC, was started by two engineers and a doctor, with a mission to inspire and support community through the creation of exciting and original crafted ales.


D9 Brown Sugar Brown Cow Ale
Mocha Brown Ale

This Mocha Brown ale needed a fanatical bovine with a brown sugar sweet side and a kick of Colombian coffee. Brown Sugar Brown Cow is brewed with chocolate, vanilla, brown sugar and Colombian coffee. We added a hint of lactose, and this brew is a mocha coffee and cream concoction so good you’ll say its name.

ABV:  6.9%
IBU: 15


D9 Into the White Ale
Pacific White Ale

We are amped about this epic pacific white ale! As you drop in on this American white, the flavors of apricot and spices hang ten on your palate and ride out the wave of refreshment. This is a raw ale, meaning that the wort is never brought to boil while still resulting in a pasteurized and massively flavorful beer.

ABV:  4.8%
IBU: 15


D9 Swell Rider IPA

Tangerine Session IPA

A kickflip of an IPA, Swell Rider is made to be enjoyed relentlessly throughout the day. Splashed with tangerines and waves of pineapple, mango and stone fruit hops.

ABV:  5.1%


D9 Cryonic Sticky IPA
Sticky IPA

The real sticky-icky-icky of IPAs, the cryonic is leaded with pounds of the most resinous and juicy lupulin bud available. This heady hoppy IPA strain is brewed with chinook and blue agave, dry hopped with cry city, ekuanot, and simple, and fermented with blend of our house yeasts.

ABV:   7.2%
IBU: 42


D9 Peach Juic IPA

Our Peach Juicy IPA sets the focus squarely on sweet fruit nectar. Both delicate and sumptuous, euphoric peach notes intertwine with a hop profile that emphasizes bright citrus and melon notes. Immerse yourself in the juice.

ABV:  8.3%


D9 Carnaval Sour Ale
Sour Ale with Passion Fruit

Inspired by a beloved Barzilian dessert, Carnaval dances buoyantly on the palate. Tart, heady passion-fruit tangos with smooth sweet cream, for a satisfying, sensuous drinking experience.

ABV:  5.5%

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