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American Craft Distillers

From the hollows and hills of Lynchburg emerges the stories of those families that made distilled spirits both before, during and after prohibition. Did you know that in 1876 there were 15 Legal distilleries in Lynchburg area alone?  We are bringing back those “Good Old Days” with products that are a part of our American culture.  

American Craft Distiller's Liquid Art


Lemonade Moonshine

40-proof flavored moonshine. This product is made with lemon juice, sugar and a hint of ginger that is then mixed in our moonshine. Great in our blackberry lemonade that we make at our tasting bar.

Apple Pie Moonshine

Apple Pie Moonshine is just what it sound like a flavored moonshine tasting like a nice warm apple pie. This product is 40-proof as well. Made with apple juice and organic cinnamon extract mixed in with our moonshine.

Tennessee Red Hot

Tastes just like a cinnamon candy without that cinnamon spiciness that they sometimes have. Still at 40-proof this is nice and smooth! We use cinnamon candy flavoring and mix it in with our moonshine. Try a Lynchburg Punch today made with this product.


Our vodka is a pure grain vodka distilled to about 192 proof and then cut with spring water to bring it down to nice, smooth 80 proof. This product makes one nice bloody mary.

Silver Rum

Our silver rum or also known as white rum is made with blackstrap molasses and cane sugar. Most similar to a Caribbean white rum in taste and recipe. We distill our rum up to 150 proof and then cut with spring water.


Our mash bill is 75% corn, 21% Rye and 4% Malted Barley. We distill it to below 160-proof to retain the flavors the barrel age it at a minimum of 2 years in a new charred oak barrel. This product is them charcoal mellowed following the aging process and cut with spring water to bring it to a smooth, sipping 80-proof.